Tuesday, October 14, 2008

floppy usb

floppy usb is a simple idea which brings together two great icons of future and past of computer age, usb and floppy disc. Many of us floppy was a wonder product of our age and now usb has become a must have for (almost) all of us.

floppy-usb is modern tribute to an old nostalgia.

Monday, October 13, 2008

introduction to nostalgic-futurism

I am ashish chaudhary,
a designer by choice and profession.

nostalgic-futurism is a trend I am very much interested in now a days. the basic idea behind nostalgic-futurism is to blend the emotions,feelings,icons, trends etc of past with modern life-style and philosophy and bring out a new visual language which connects to the user at various points.

its an attempt to provide some thing beyond form and function.

an object which is more than a need or desire.

some time witty some time funny or some time just simple or sometime just smart.

I am posting my winning entry for this year opus-awards as first post. Pushp (flower in Sanskrit) is trendy eye wear which is a reflection of a very old and sweet fashion trend of wearing flower over ears for personal decoration.Pushp resembles a full bloomed flower and it brings the same charm and innocent beauty to modern style hunters as flowers used to do for rural Indian women centuries ago(and today).