Monday, October 13, 2008

introduction to nostalgic-futurism

I am ashish chaudhary,
a designer by choice and profession.

nostalgic-futurism is a trend I am very much interested in now a days. the basic idea behind nostalgic-futurism is to blend the emotions,feelings,icons, trends etc of past with modern life-style and philosophy and bring out a new visual language which connects to the user at various points.

its an attempt to provide some thing beyond form and function.

an object which is more than a need or desire.

some time witty some time funny or some time just simple or sometime just smart.

I am posting my winning entry for this year opus-awards as first post. Pushp (flower in Sanskrit) is trendy eye wear which is a reflection of a very old and sweet fashion trend of wearing flower over ears for personal decoration.Pushp resembles a full bloomed flower and it brings the same charm and innocent beauty to modern style hunters as flowers used to do for rural Indian women centuries ago(and today).

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loving soul said...

life goes in circle and we strive for the other end all the while.... revisiting the same part of circle at every moment yet redefining it all over again.... liked the concept of revisiting past with futurism in mind...some time back i design something that was an extension of bichiya... the toe ornament...essential for wedded ladies in India... and went through this debate of its relevence i felt similar when i saw ur concept... the difference is there is some amount of fun involved in this concept which is very welcoming... keep it up :)